Le rappel à l'ordre is a film about the packing, storage, and transportation of works of art. Single-channel video works are the traveling work by definition. On the other hand, traditional artworks with a strong physical presence need special packing to survive and sophisticated logistics to arrive from place to place. The film addresses the complex web of shipping that lies behind the international art world and traveling exhibitions while being, in itself, one of the most portable kinds of artworks there is.


Le rappel à l’ordre

Sound: Karri Niinivaara / B-Sound
Colour grading: Jussi Myllyniemi / Whitepoint
Director: Axel Straschnoy
Supported by: AVEK / Elena Näsänen & TAIKE
Produced by Kolme Perunaa
Recorded at: Kiasma, Taidehalli, Turku Art Museum, Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art, KUMU, Kunstihoone, Kaunas Biennale, the National Gallery in Vilnius, and the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires.
Colour, 14 minutes, surround sound.