La Figure de la Terre is a three-screen film by Axel Straschnoy based on the book on the scientific expedition that determined the true shape of the Earth. It is based on the book by the same name written by the French scientist Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis on the scientific expedition he lead to the valley of the Tornio river in 1736. In what was one of the first-ever scientific expeditions, Maupertuis demonstrated Newton's theories and determined the true shape of the Earth. 

Dr. Osmo Pekonen, the foremost authority on the expedition, plays the role of Maupertuis. Anders Celsius is played by Dr. Johan Stén, who is also a researcher of the history of science in the 1700s.


La Figure de la Terre
Dr. Osmo Pekonen, Dr. Johan Stén, and Dr. Elina Mustonen
Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau selected and interpreted by Dr. Elina Mustonen
Sound design by Karri Niinivaara
Production Assistant: Seppo-Tapio Kari
Directed by Axel Straschnoy
Supported by AVEK, TAIKE, Tornio city, and the Maupertuis Foundation
Produced by Kolme Perunaa