The Finnish Astronautical Society is a project on the past and present of the Finnish Space Programme. It deals with the history of Finnish futurism, space exploration and male hobbies. It focuses on the activities of the Finnish Astronautical Society, an organisation founded sixty years ago to advance space exploration that today mainly focuses on the launching of scale models of space rockets.

The Rockets

The main activity of the Society today is organising launches of scale model rockets. Model rocketeers fly two kinds of rockets: everyday rockets that are used time and time again and special rockets on which they spend more time and which they only fly once or twice before saving them on their shelf.

The rockets are an edition of individual pieces, all of which are flown, which are sometimes exhibited alone and sometimes as part of the installation version of the Finnish Astronautical Society film.


The Launches

These rockets are launched during the Society’s events, once-a-month, from a disused landfill in Espoo.